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 ~!Rules!~ Please Read

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PostSubject: ~!Rules!~ Please Read   Sat Oct 16, 2010 4:52 pm

General Rules-
No cussing please, words like crap are okay, but no f-bombs
Be nice to people, or at least respectful
No powerplaying- ex- Sunny pushed in apple to Night, Night ate the apple.

cant breed until they are 3 years old
cant fight stallions
can only have a single foal(twins are rare in horses, must ask admin to have twins)
dont have to wait to have the foal after breeding
dont have to wait to breed after havin foal
*more coming soon

cant breed until 3 years
can fight stallions
can force mares,(mares can fight back)
can steal foals and mares from other herds(they can fight back)
*more coming soon

if you want a foal you must pm admin(she will choose color and gender)
must stay with mother till 2 years of age
fillys may be stolen
colts can not be stolen, but can be driven out by head stallion
can leave herd at 3 years of age

mares and stallies can start their own herd
herds must have land(pm admin for land)
there must be at least 3 mares, with one being a lead mare
for herds started by mares-
mares choose lead stallion, if any.

cant breed until 3 years old
can have powers, (if more than two, it has to be kinda weak)
only two leaders per territory
wolfs can start packs
must have land(pm admin)

Follow them or I will warn you. Three warnings then i will ban you for a week! If more banned for life!
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~!Rules!~ Please Read
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